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Is everything with Pick a Picture being offered free of charge?

Yes. Pick a Picture is a simple implementation of an idea that is meant to be shared widely.

How can I see what's in the Pick a Picture digital image collection?

The Pick a Picture digital image collection can be accessed by going to meaningfulaction.org/pictures. Instructions for how to interact with the collection can be found in this subsection of the Pick a Picture by Yourself page.

Click here to read about how easy it is to get your own board with your own copy of the image collection on it.

Where did you get the idea for Pick a Picture?

Special thanks to Stefanie Cohen for introducing me to the Pick a Picture activity and its ability to connect people with themselves and each other in her Authentic Movement classes. In Stefanie's hands, the power of this activity is awesome to witness.

Can I contribute an image to Pick a Picture? or a collection?

NOTE: If Leeann has given you your own Pick a Picture board, you can upload any images you want to add to your own board. This FAQ question is about adding images to the Pick a Picture collection that is on the Pick a Picture by Yourself board and that is on the boards that are given to people who request boards going forward. (The plan is that images added to the Pick a Picture collection will also be listed on a page of this website so that people who already have boards can choose to add them to their boards if they want to.)

  • Yes. We are in the process of coming up with a way to have images that are contributed to Pick a Picture be entered into a contest and voted on. The idea is to have the winning images be added to the Pick a Picture digital image collection. Alternatively, if you want to curate an entire collection of 100 or more images, you can assemble the collection on a Miro board, and it can be made available to people on this website.
  • The Pick a Picture collection was curated to bring about meaningful reflection, sharing, and connection during Pick a Picture sessions. Click here for some properties of Pick a Picture images that give a sense for the kinds of pictures that we've found to work well.
  • Contributing images
    • Contributing a photo that you took yourself - The method for contributing an image is to first add the image to the Wikimedia Commons media file repository. Click here to be walked through how to contribute an image to Wikimedia Commons. Then, email the link of the Wikimedia Commons page for the image to Leeann at info@pickapicture.org.
    • Contributing an image that you found on Wikimedia Commons - Email the link of the Wikimedia Commons page for the image to Leeann at info@pickapicture.org.
    • Here is an example of what a link to the Wikimedia Commons page of an image looks like: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:GinkgoLeaves.jpg To find this, sometimes you'll need to click on a button that says "More Details." For example, you'll need to do this when you're looking at an image you found as the result of a search. Clicking on "More Details" will take you to the Wikimedia Commons page for that image. Then, the link that you need will be displayed at the top of your web browser (in what's called the address bar, which displays the link of the page that you are currently on).

What you need to do to use or share these images outside of Pick a Picture

Every image has information near the upper left hand corner of the image. The top line of this information is a link for sharing the image with others. These links will take you to a page that provides the attribution for these images. So, you don't need to worry about providing attribution if all you want to do is share the link with someone.

Every image has a link for sharing. For images that need attribution, you will find the attribution for them below the link for sharing.

All images can be freely reused and shared. To download an image, you can right click on any of the images and select "Download." When using or sharing downloaded images, copy and paste the attribution that you will find near the upper left hand corner of each image under the link for sharing. Include this attribution when using or sharing a downloaded image.

How to choose images to add to a Pick a Picture image collection

I'm hoping I'll inspire others to make their own Pick a Picture collections, be they digital ones or physical ones. One place to look for pictures is Wikimedia Commons, a free media repository. I've been asked about what I look for in selecting the pictures. Here are some properties that images that I have added to my Pick a Picture collection might have:

  • tend to have no text
  • has elements that can be seen differently at different times or by different people
  • something you could look at for a long time
  • has children engaged in doing something where you can imagine yourself as the child
  • has people in it that are from more diverse backgrounds than are represented in the collection.
  • has a mood or feeling that could go with it
  • makes you smile
  • are abstract, but not too abstract
  • evokes a strong image
  • has motion, light, or interesting facial expressions
  • can give others a sense of how you experienced something
  • helps you more quickly get to things that are more substantial to share

How long is a Pick a Picture session?

  • As short as 15 minutes, and as long as a couple of hours.
  • The length of the session depends on the following factors:
    • number of people involved
    • number of rounds
    • time allocated for sharing
    • whether or not time is allocated for engaging in creative processes
  • Go to Facilitating_notes#Pick_a_Picture_session_examples to see examples.

Why can't I paste an image if I'm using a mobile device (phone, iPad/tablet)?

Miro does not support being able to paste on mobile devices at this point. You can browse through the pictures on mobile devices. But, if you want to copy and paste them to a new location on the board (in order to select them and look at all the ones you've selected at once), you'll need to do that on a computer. You can't do that on a mobile device.

What do I need in order to run a Pick a Picture session?

Ask Leeann for a board that you can use

Miro lets users make an unlimited number of boards. With these boards, anyone with a link to a board can have access to edit that board. So, to be given a board you can use, you just need to be given a link to it. To contact Leeann, email her at info@pickapicture.org

Optional: If you want a board that resides in your Miro account instead of Leeann's, all you need to do is sign up for a free Miro account (if you don't already have one), and then duplicate the board Leeann gave you a link to. To duplicate the board, click on the title of the board in the upper left hand corner of the Miro board. A window that has a "Duplicate" button will pop up. Click on the "Duplicate" button.

Fill out the Instructions email with your information and send it to your participants

Click here to go the Instructions email page.

Facilitating notes

Go to Facilitating notes for suggestions on facilitating.

The rest of of the information you need in order to run a Pick a Picture session are the basics that are covered on this website. If you want more help, email Leeann at info@pickapicture.org.

It'd be great to have a physical card version of a Pick a Picture collection. Do you sell any?

No, we don't. But, we would love to be able to offer mass-produced physical cards. They wouldn't need to be the same images as the digital Pick a Picture collection. (If you do decide to print off your own copy of the Pick a Picture collection, please credit the images by following the instructions you can go to by clicking here.)

If you have interest in making this happen in some way, please contact Leeann at info@pickapicture.org to see about how she can be of support in this endeavor.