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Pick a Picture provides a collection of images that you can do an activity with. The activity involves a prompt, for example, select images that speak to what you want more of in your life. Everyone spends time looking through the pictures selecting images based on the prompt, and then you share them with each other.

Partake of a visual feast. Look through pictures to find ones that speak to you. What are you drawn to? What gets evoked in you?

Spending time with the images and sharing about them with others is a time for connecting with yourself and connecting with others. The images and what we have to say about them provide windows into our worlds. Maybe we get to hear about how recent things are setting the stage for someone, or how important something from further back was, or how someone is seeing things connect, etc. The images, with their "a picture is worth a thousand words" quality, make it easy to quickly go somewhere with someone and get to something substantial. They also lend themselves to going deeper.

The Pick a Picture digital image collection can be interacted with using an online whiteboard app called Miro, which can be used in a web browser on a computer (note that at this point you can't use a mobile device [phone, iPad/tablet] to participate in a Pick a Picture session).

Using Miro and some way of talking to each other, Pick a Picture sessions can be held virtually as well as in-person.

Have someone you'd like to catch up with? Want to gather some family members together? Want to do a team-building activity to help people get to know each other better?

- Contact Leeann at to:

  • Get a board for running your own sessions with the Pick a Picture image collection.
    • Running a Pick a Picture session is easy to do. Click here to go to "What do I need in order to run a Pick a Picture session?"
  • Learn about participating in a session run by Leeann

- Everything with Pick a Picture is being offered free of charge.

  • Pick a Picture is a simple implementation of an idea that is meant to be shared widely.

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